Blue Eyes

She has the most beautiful eyes
They tell me more than words
I can tell who she is
And much, much more
She doesn’t have to say a word
I just look into her eyes
I see an intelligent woman
Not to mention confidence and poise
She shows the world her beauty with just one look
But they also speak in volumes
When I take more than just one glance

When I gaze deep into her eyes
I see oceans of blue
The seas are deep and shimmering with light
I see a couple of blue jays in mid-flight
I see rainy spring days
With blue flowers blossoming all around
I see the warm summer sky
And two tiny planets full of life
I see powerful rivers and cascading waterfalls
But they are as gentle as two small lakes

When I take a look at the surface of her eyes
I’m reminded of one-way mirrors
Or even opaque solid blue sheets of ice
A tough exterior no one can ostensibly break
They affirm she’s secure and independent
They guard hidden mysteries and secrets
Memories and treasures of the past
Inside are almost forgotten sights and fading visions
Long lost friends, loved ones, and pets
All of those reminiscences are hers alone
Trapped inside her like one of those glass musical water balls

Her pretty, blue, stained, glass windows,
Or maybe crystal glass eyes,
May keep all her thoughts inside her
But they also guide me into her soul
They let me know she’s got nothing to hide
And show me sincerity, loyalty, integrity,
But most of all her love

The twinkle and shine I see
Gives me butterflies and melts my heart
They are two beautiful blue mood rings
They don’t change colors or tell lies…
Her values, inclinations, and her essence
All come into focus
They are sharp and tough when she’s mad
They sparkle and shine when she’s happy
And they are soft and glassy when she’s sad
But the best thing about her eyes,
And I love this most of all,
It’s the way she makes me feel
When they are looking back at me



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Michael Graham

Michael Graham

I eat pizza, watch cartoons, sports, and movies. I attend concerts (around 300 so far) and I sometimes pretend I’m a superhero.