The Hours Go By

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The hours just go by…
I am stuck here to wonder why
I feel as though my journey is just beginning
But it’s also come to a grinding halt, AGAIN
I stand looking over the cliff
And I always see what I’m looking for
Just open space and empty skies
I can throw a stone into it
But it never makes a dent
I can turn away from it
And I always know exactly where it is.
The hours just go by…
I feel like I might just cry
I must have lost my way along the path.
And as I stop to look around
I just wonder how,
Tell me how
Did this become my life?
I don’t remember turning left or right
I don’t remember stopping to ask for directions
I just kept plugging along — straight-ahead.
Now I just sit and watch the hours go by.
Just let the hours go by…

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Michael Graham

Michael Graham

I eat pizza, watch cartoons, sports, and movies. I attend concerts (around 300 so far) and I sometimes pretend I’m a superhero.